Thursday, June 25, 2009

transformers - revenge of the fallen

autobots, goo!!

“ohhhem!!!”. i was saying “AWESOME” while my jaw is dropping. swear to God that i did enjoy myself watching the sequel. stunning and amazing. i even did not allow my elyes to blink even once. thanks to megan fox, i mean, mr. michael bay. thahaha. as the director, he really knows how to create wonders with his magical touches in this movie. nothing would go wrong when you combine jaw-dropping-actions (realistic ones of course) , good actors, a super hot babe and a wonders-creating-director. as expected this movie would get a standing-ovation and rated as must-watch from me personally. some internet reviews said that the sequel is not as thrilled as the previous one. personally i think those reviewers had put so much of high expectations in which at the end devastated them. no doubt that this movie truly a box-office and will stay in the chart for months to come. and all the credits should be given to the team members; especially mr.bay himself. two things to be noted; what happened to the one-eyed-small-decepticon-bigfoot and secondly what happened to the-autobots-jongang-twins? Despite of these, i give the movie 10.5 from the scale of 10. oke tipu and over-exaggerating. i give 11 in fact. no kidding. have fun and enjoy peeps!


Dona said...

Hoh. Transformers ni bukan lah kartun kegemaran aku. Kalau kau nak tau, aku lagi suka Care Bears, My Little Pony dan Postman Pat semasa aku masih hingusan.

the-imperfect-observer said...
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the-imperfect-observer said...

undeniable yg kita membesar dengan suriaperkasa hitam dan baja hitam, tomato-man dan sesame streets mahupun the smurfs, ternyata memori dan ingatan zaman rianggembira kekanak masih terpahat lekat di ingatan :)