Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ohh, thank god! theres kfc here. pizza hut as well. and mydin not to be forgotten. im going to survive (at least)

Friday, January 8, 2010

the first meeting

the team in KT(HQ) is very efficient eventho we kinda short-handed with manpower. there are only 9 officers (including me) to cover up the whole state where the workloads supposed to be handled by at least 20 over officers (according to the Boss). and i feel grateful that the colleagues and bosses are more or less the same as the previous office. and people work like family rather than mere colleagues and the Boss, in fact, listens to us; problems etc. at least i may coax myself that i’ll be happy on thursdays; if i join the meeting. there are basically FOUR complaints/issues i brought up during my first meeting since my place and KT(HQ) are not of short distance. so i have to utilize my chances wisely. certain things are better left unsaid. so, i would share only two issues instead of all four due to secrecy reason(s).

the first obviously, the basic; my office. my office is not in the same building or even attached to the building where i work. and the best part is, my office is accessible by the officers and staffs at that particular building; the district office. on my first day, it was shocking to know and see how they utilize my office into a store-room by dumping all the sukaneka stuffs, goodies and printing papers. met the Boss there to inform him about my office condition and with a phone call he directed his staffs to clear up the room. he explained that the main switch for the air-conditioning system is located in my office, of which people has to come and out for the air-cond. i (humbly and wisely) suggested for the room to be offered to the in-house officers and if i may, i can swap, but was refused. so, since im a federal staff instead of state, I went to the labour office to ask for an empty room and luckily they have one of which i belive just nice for me (and of course, not accessible by anyone anymore. with keys and locks). i told the story in the meeting, and my Boss said I was fast. and he asked me to get the office details so that he culd help me with a proper letter to be submitted to the labour office director.

the second one was on internet and phone connection. even though the office provides a telephone and a modem, but when I tried to get connected, to no avail. i did call the person-in-charge with the office and technician, but up to this date, progress is not seen. patience is virtue, i belive. but again, being in my post, i cannot do my own research, sending daily reports as needed, or even printing materials for my references, etc. i need all that for my working efficiency. i really hope that people will listen as i don ask for the extras, but the basics. yes, basics. after all I have not so much of time running here and there to get things settle as my workloads are of the utmost attention. it is a shame for an officer not to have a proper office when he was promised things will be settled once he/she steps into the new tenure. but, the promising words seem much sweeter than the reality that I have to face. jauh panggang dari api. but somehow since im expecting the worst and not the best in this remoteness, i just know that i can survive, but it just a matter of time. the ex-boss asked us to give ourselves a period of 2-3months to fully adapt with everything; the culture, people, food, environment; just to share a few. and we shall see how it goes.

saya yang menurut perintah

so the order was obeyed. and the place is far far in east coast in a small and remote place. The feeling was a mixture of excited, contemplating and everything.

this entry is not about complaining (merely), but sharing the new experience; with those who care (still). expecting the worst instead the best is what i hold when im here. at least this place has kfc and pizzahut outlets. and mydin not to be forgotten. that is so much of relieves. it is pretty shocking to claim a town as bandaraya when my kampung-hometown in northern region has sky-creepers and much more pleasant and well-structured. and this fact almost cost me psychiatric-illness. one thing i note is that, most locals in this new place is not that welcoming and approachable (not because my issues with them, mind you please), but they tend to give the “look” to the outsiders; as if you are the new clown coming to their town. pity me, i know.

my office is no better. my official office is not located in the same building which i work. i know, funny isn’t it? i have to get my stuffs settled at the place I work instead at my very own office since it would be ridiculous for me to commute here and there, just to get things done. the workloads are piling and shocking. things are old and new to me. there are still “shouting” and ass-kicking for super-snail-slow staffs here. Most staffs are very helpful, warm and super-kind. i learnt a lot from them actually for the past few days since no colleague to refer. but the workloads could never be any less meaner to me. im struggling hard to fit in these new phase the soonest possible. and I give myself two to three months time to fully adapt with the culture, people, working-environment and everything. oh yes, the office has no telephone line and internet connection which of course made my days even worst. preparing for the worst, remember?

they say, im talkative. but sadly, no one is here for me. to talk, to share, to everything. usually it is like kacang-putih for me to make new friends with the new crowd. but not here where im the new clown. in this new place, i have no one. seriously no one, no one. no relatives, no friends, not even half-friends in this new place. and the best part is i have no colleague at all. the “colleagues” that available are those in the main office or headquarters in the aforesaid bandaraya which i only met on thursdays for meetings. and just to reach there i have to be on wheels for an hour and quarter. it is to the extent that if i die here, no one will know. or even care. and that’s too exaggerating, no?

being in this new place, there are a lot of things that i need to shift, adjust and adapt with. my weekends are no longer on saturdays and sundays. no more zara and topman. no one-utama or midvalley. or even ikea (mr.meaty-meatballs-with-extra-gravy, me missing you already!). and yes, no black canyon and subway. the only life I have (so far) is my office staffs and a housemate. the ones that i meet almost daily. but as I said earlier, i was expecting the worst and considered myself luckily that I dont kill myself (yet)

i know there are a lot of nice things here. but I just don’t see any (yet) *sigh*

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the delay

i pity myself for being so freaking hectic lately. and luckily and finally i manage to squeeze and exhale some fresh air. promise to myself (and some readers) that this blog surely will be updated the soonest possible! *crossing-fingers* :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love you, beth cooper?

it all started when remarks were made by the nerdy-valedictorian-antagony to his batch-mates during the pre-graduation day. the remarks made were so “intense” that the antagony’s life is not going to be the same afterwards. it is cliché as the story is about how the-nerdy-antogony and the-queen-bee get together at the end of the story. adding to that, the cheerleader-queen-bee role is played by hayden panettiere which makes it more stereotype. and the story basically about what happened throughout the night after the remarks were made. but one thing noted, hayden surely can handle the role well (and the army-guy (Kevin) kick-ass-actions were awesome though). since the-chick-flick is not my cup of tea, I believe that this movie can make us unwind and relax. thus, I give this 5.5 out of the 10 points scale.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the vibes

as we share the same oxygen to breath (and to lit up fire), i belive the next common thing that we human-being share is the feeling of ungrateful. either we realize it or denying it, it runs in our blood-vein; at least for the normal human-being. and being as an imperfect, i feel the same some times (oke tipu, most of the time really).

the current one would be my biggest step in entering the new phase; the career. seriously i never expect that this beginning in the next chapter of my life will be this freaking cool and superb. the working environment is splendid. people around are very helpful and friendly (even the head of units. no kidding!) and the relationship that binds us more to families as to colleagues. undeniable that the workloads are piling up and some time even on weekends just to comply with the two-weeks KPI kertas siasatan statistic, but we really enjoy what we are doing and yet we still can laugh and share stupid-jokes. stress and tense are everywhere, but how you handle them that matters.

the "ungrateful-ness/complaint" that i have to admit is missing my days back in uni; especially during the final year. true enough that the stress level also was pretty scary, but with those people called friends around (and gurau-senda-tawa-nangis firmmates), everything seems to come in handy tho we complaint quite a lot back then. but thats the beauty of it. the working environment was stressful with endless assigments and back-to-back presentations, breaking-neck-tests etc but we managed to survive throughout the final year after all the sweats and tears. i personally belive that a good working environment is crucial to boost our performances in everything we do. the inner-positive-energy comes subsequent as part and parcel. so, in nutshell, a good working environment c0mes into picture only when you yourself bring that vibes to the environment. and just dont spoil others if you intended to enjoy the rest of your day. chill! :)

kepada yang masih peduli

terdapat beberapa ralat yang ingin dinyatakan di sini.

pertama sekali mengenai pemilihan bahasa. blogger kebiasaannya memilih bahasa inggeris sebagai medium perantaraan mungkin kerana sudah terbiasa walaupun pada hakikatnya tahap penguasaan kosa kata bahasa inggeris blogger sendiri tidaklah setinggi mana. perkara ini tidak disengajakan dan hanya disedari setelah ditegur oleh adik blogger sendiri. maka, blogger memastikan lebih banyak entry berbahasa kebangsaan pada masa akan datang; itu pun jika masih ada yang mahu terus membaca atau peduli

ralat kedua ialah berkenaan sensasi blog. kepada pembaca atau yang mengikuti blog ini pasti akan bosan (jika tidak sedikit, banyak) memandangkan tiada apa yang sensasi untuk dikongsikan melainkan apa yang dilalui oleh blogger sendiri. tiada drama untuk ditayangkan mahupun pihak untuk dijatuhkan. hanya apa yang dilalui sendiri untuk dikongsi bersama; itu pun jika masih ada yang mahu terus membaca atau peduli.

ketiganya, keterlewatan entry. memandangkan blogger sudah memasuki alam pekerjaan sebagai penjawat awam, masa agak terbatas memandangkan komitmen terhadap bidang baru ini masih memerlukan perhatian yang sewajarnya. kendatipun begitu, ini tidaklah bermakna blog ini akan terbiar bersawang sebegitu saja. entry-entry masih akan diletakkan untuk tatapan dan dikongsi bersama; itu pun jika masih ada yang mahu terus membaca atau peduli.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

transformers - revenge of the fallen

autobots, goo!!

“ohhhem!!!”. i was saying “AWESOME” while my jaw is dropping. swear to God that i did enjoy myself watching the sequel. stunning and amazing. i even did not allow my elyes to blink even once. thanks to megan fox, i mean, mr. michael bay. thahaha. as the director, he really knows how to create wonders with his magical touches in this movie. nothing would go wrong when you combine jaw-dropping-actions (realistic ones of course) , good actors, a super hot babe and a wonders-creating-director. as expected this movie would get a standing-ovation and rated as must-watch from me personally. some internet reviews said that the sequel is not as thrilled as the previous one. personally i think those reviewers had put so much of high expectations in which at the end devastated them. no doubt that this movie truly a box-office and will stay in the chart for months to come. and all the credits should be given to the team members; especially mr.bay himself. two things to be noted; what happened to the one-eyed-small-decepticon-bigfoot and secondly what happened to the-autobots-jongang-twins? Despite of these, i give the movie 10.5 from the scale of 10. oke tipu and over-exaggerating. i give 11 in fact. no kidding. have fun and enjoy peeps!