Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love you, beth cooper?

it all started when remarks were made by the nerdy-valedictorian-antagony to his batch-mates during the pre-graduation day. the remarks made were so “intense” that the antagony’s life is not going to be the same afterwards. it is cliché as the story is about how the-nerdy-antogony and the-queen-bee get together at the end of the story. adding to that, the cheerleader-queen-bee role is played by hayden panettiere which makes it more stereotype. and the story basically about what happened throughout the night after the remarks were made. but one thing noted, hayden surely can handle the role well (and the army-guy (Kevin) kick-ass-actions were awesome though). since the-chick-flick is not my cup of tea, I believe that this movie can make us unwind and relax. thus, I give this 5.5 out of the 10 points scale.


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