Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the vibes

as we share the same oxygen to breath (and to lit up fire), i belive the next common thing that we human-being share is the feeling of ungrateful. either we realize it or denying it, it runs in our blood-vein; at least for the normal human-being. and being as an imperfect, i feel the same some times (oke tipu, most of the time really).

the current one would be my biggest step in entering the new phase; the career. seriously i never expect that this beginning in the next chapter of my life will be this freaking cool and superb. the working environment is splendid. people around are very helpful and friendly (even the head of units. no kidding!) and the relationship that binds us more to families as to colleagues. undeniable that the workloads are piling up and some time even on weekends just to comply with the two-weeks KPI kertas siasatan statistic, but we really enjoy what we are doing and yet we still can laugh and share stupid-jokes. stress and tense are everywhere, but how you handle them that matters.

the "ungrateful-ness/complaint" that i have to admit is missing my days back in uni; especially during the final year. true enough that the stress level also was pretty scary, but with those people called friends around (and gurau-senda-tawa-nangis firmmates), everything seems to come in handy tho we complaint quite a lot back then. but thats the beauty of it. the working environment was stressful with endless assigments and back-to-back presentations, breaking-neck-tests etc but we managed to survive throughout the final year after all the sweats and tears. i personally belive that a good working environment is crucial to boost our performances in everything we do. the inner-positive-energy comes subsequent as part and parcel. so, in nutshell, a good working environment c0mes into picture only when you yourself bring that vibes to the environment. and just dont spoil others if you intended to enjoy the rest of your day. chill! :)


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