Friday, January 8, 2010

saya yang menurut perintah

so the order was obeyed. and the place is far far in east coast in a small and remote place. The feeling was a mixture of excited, contemplating and everything.

this entry is not about complaining (merely), but sharing the new experience; with those who care (still). expecting the worst instead the best is what i hold when im here. at least this place has kfc and pizzahut outlets. and mydin not to be forgotten. that is so much of relieves. it is pretty shocking to claim a town as bandaraya when my kampung-hometown in northern region has sky-creepers and much more pleasant and well-structured. and this fact almost cost me psychiatric-illness. one thing i note is that, most locals in this new place is not that welcoming and approachable (not because my issues with them, mind you please), but they tend to give the “look” to the outsiders; as if you are the new clown coming to their town. pity me, i know.

my office is no better. my official office is not located in the same building which i work. i know, funny isn’t it? i have to get my stuffs settled at the place I work instead at my very own office since it would be ridiculous for me to commute here and there, just to get things done. the workloads are piling and shocking. things are old and new to me. there are still “shouting” and ass-kicking for super-snail-slow staffs here. Most staffs are very helpful, warm and super-kind. i learnt a lot from them actually for the past few days since no colleague to refer. but the workloads could never be any less meaner to me. im struggling hard to fit in these new phase the soonest possible. and I give myself two to three months time to fully adapt with the culture, people, working-environment and everything. oh yes, the office has no telephone line and internet connection which of course made my days even worst. preparing for the worst, remember?

they say, im talkative. but sadly, no one is here for me. to talk, to share, to everything. usually it is like kacang-putih for me to make new friends with the new crowd. but not here where im the new clown. in this new place, i have no one. seriously no one, no one. no relatives, no friends, not even half-friends in this new place. and the best part is i have no colleague at all. the “colleagues” that available are those in the main office or headquarters in the aforesaid bandaraya which i only met on thursdays for meetings. and just to reach there i have to be on wheels for an hour and quarter. it is to the extent that if i die here, no one will know. or even care. and that’s too exaggerating, no?

being in this new place, there are a lot of things that i need to shift, adjust and adapt with. my weekends are no longer on saturdays and sundays. no more zara and topman. no one-utama or midvalley. or even ikea (mr.meaty-meatballs-with-extra-gravy, me missing you already!). and yes, no black canyon and subway. the only life I have (so far) is my office staffs and a housemate. the ones that i meet almost daily. but as I said earlier, i was expecting the worst and considered myself luckily that I dont kill myself (yet)

i know there are a lot of nice things here. but I just don’t see any (yet) *sigh*


farhanrazi! said...

you go,bro!
i always know(read:hope) u will survive there since u told the family that u'll be transfered to dungun..

rhetoric,isn't it?hehe..


Liyanna, Dona said...

I still care, Mamu. La... awat depa buat Mamu lagu tu aih? Takdak mata ka? Sabaq mamu na.... takpa, duit gaji tu bulih simpan. Rajin-rajin gheja no Mamu no. Isok duit gaji bulih shopping kat London nun. Topman betoi lagi.